In the current context of data analytics, it is common to work with large amounts of data that can complicate its management and the extraction of valuable information.

The current trend is to include Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for these tasks in current software.

I would like to focus on how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world of Data Analytics software, and how AppliediT integrates it with our RTM Pro tools.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, revolutionizing several industries and its impact on the development of data analytics software. With its power, analysis tools have become more efficient and powerful, capable of handling large amounts of data.

Evolution of data analysis software development with AI

Over the years, data analysis tools have grown from basic spreadsheet applications to sophisticated software capable of handling massive data sets. With the integration of artificial intelligence, these tools have been further transformed, allowing us to generate more complex analyzes and improve predictive capabilities.

An example of this can be seen in our software, RTM Pro, which incorporates artificial intelligence technologies to improve results in data analytics. From machine learning, natural language processing and neural networks.

All of this, together, allows users to extract valuable information from the data, in a more efficient and precise way than traditional methods.

Improving data processing and analysis

Nowadays, AI plays a fundamental role in data preprocessing and cleaning, automating tasks such as the detection of outliers, imputation of missing and reliable values… Which generates more solid knowledge.

Today we want to share how we boost our software with the improvement of data processing and analysis through Artificial Intelligence in RTM Pro.

Screenshots RTM Pro Artificial Intelligence AppliediT

RTM Pro Software powered by Artificial Intelligence

RTM Pro is one of the essential tools for those seeking to generate intelligent and strategic solutions in the field of manufacturing. Through its ability to process and analyze data in real time, it makes a difference in the efficiency and quality of industrial processes.

The union of AI with our software has allowed us to integrate advanced data analysis techniques, such as grouping, classification and regression. All of these techniques help uncover hidden patterns and relationships within data and provide valuable insights for businesses to optimize operations and drive growth.

In our RTM Pro, we break down how Artificial Intelligence is behind our high-value tools for our users. Let’s look at some tools implemented for operational improvement and that continue to be promoted through Artificial Intelligence and our own knowledge:

  • Decision Tree: It integrates AI technologies, which facilitates the process of constructing and evaluating decision trees. The main function, powered by AI, allows you to select the most relevant characteristics of the analyzes and adjust the hyperparameters. In addition, it allows us to improve the precision of our decision trees by analyzing large amounts of data, to find more patterns.
  • Logistic regression: Through Artificial Intelligence, more accurate and reliable predictions are provided. On the other hand, we can review the most influential characteristics for prediction.
  • CTT: By boosting AI in our tools, we can process large volumes of data accurately and quickly. All of this allows us to anticipate trends and make more informed decisions.

These are just some of the tools we have implemented in our software, but there are many more! You can purchase your demo by clicking here.


Currently, the global transformation that AI is generating is undeniable. Through task automation, data preparation is being revolutionized, accelerating data cleaning and categorization processes and improving the forecasts offered.

At AppliediT, we continue to implement improvements in our software that drive the growth of our clients. For this reason, we use the drive of Artificial Intelligence and all our knowledge, with the aim that our clients can enhance their industrial processes, obtain better results and achieve all their objectives.

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