Quality Policy

AppliediT aims to be the leader in data management and analysis of industrial processes, direct and indirect, through advanced analytical tools developed by us based on the needs of our customers.

We constantly work on the continuous improvement of our solutions, with the aim of offering our customers quality products and services and a high degree of fulfilment of their expectations. The objective of AppliediT is to retain our customers by providing value through innovative, efficient and high-quality solutions.

This objective is developed through our Quality Management System, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which pursues:

  • Maintain adequate communication channels with customers to detect their current and future needs, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Develop our activities within the applicable regulations, complying with current legislation, as well as other requirements signed with our customers.
  • Comply with the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, through the implementation of measurement systems and monitoring of the solutions and developments made for our clients, as well as quality objectives.
  • Perform our work aimed at achieving the objectives set and trying to always adjust it to the requirements agreed with the client.

Analyze risks and opportunities in the context of the Organization.

This policy is promoted by the top management of AppliediT, which is committed to providing the means and resources necessary to implement and maintain it.

The AppliediT vision is carried out using the following values:

  • Innovation and flexibility adapting to the continuous demands of the market.
  • Diversity and inclusion, promoting respect for its employees and through personal and work growth.
  • Corporate social responsibility, promoting initiatives that contribute positively to the life of the community.
  • Transparency and honesty with customers, suppliers and competition.
  • Search for the highest quality as a goal through continuous improvement.