Solutions designed to help organizations manage and maintain their data infrastructure.

Data acquisition

Collecting data from multiple sources in order to analyze it and use it for decision making. It may involve gathering data from a variety of sources such as sensors, databases, mobile devices, and the Internet..

Data transformation

A process used to convert data from one structure or format into another structure or format in order to meet the requirements of a particular application or database. It is a fundamental part of data processing, which is a critical activity for managing and transforming data for use in analytics and other business intelligence purposes.

Cloud management

Includes activities such as monitoring, provisioning, orchestration, and configuration. Cloud management tools help to automate and streamline these processes and are essential for organizations deploying and managing cloud-based applications and services.

PLC connections

Programmed to receive input signals from sensors, process them, and actuate outputs to control machines and processes. PLCs can also be connected to other equipment and systems, such as computers, networks, and other automation components, to facilitate control, monitoring, and communication.

RPA (Robotic process automation)

Technology that automates repetitive and mundane tasks typically performed by humans. It uses computer software or robots to automate manual processes that are rule-based and repeatable. RPA enables organizations to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Data base development and management

Process of creating and maintaining systems that store, organize and manage data. This involves the creation of database models and designs, and the implementation of these models and designs into a usable software application. It also involves the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of these databases.

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