AppliediT is proud to be part of the IA4Q consortium, an innovative project led by Stellantis that aims to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for quality improvement and inspection in industrial plants.

The IA4Q consortium brings together leading companies in the automotive, technology and research sector, such as Stellantis and AppliediT, together with other SMEs as industrial partners, and two technological research and development centers (ITA. Technological Institute of Aragón and the Zaragoza’s University). Together, these entities will work over the next three years, and with an investment from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities through the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) worth more than 10 million euros, in the development of AI solutions that allow:

  • Automate the inspection of parts and components to ensure the quality of the final product.
  • Predict equipment failures and perform more efficient preventative maintenance.
  • Optimize production processes and reduce operating costs.

AppliediT’s participation in the IA4Q consortium focuses on the application of its experience in developing AI solutions for industry. The company will provide its knowledge in the following areas:

  • Machine vision for automatic inspection of parts and components.
  • Natural language processing for data analysis and report generation.
  • Machine learning for failure prediction and process optimization.

AppliediT is committed to the development of innovative technologies that help companies improve their productivity and competitiveness. Participation in the IA4Q consortium is a unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of AI in the industry and to collaborate with leading companies in the sector.

Discover more about the project on the iA4Q microsite.

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