For the “Digitalization 2024” study, Staufen AG and AppliediT surveyed 417 industrial companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The survey was conducted in October and November 2023. The results of the study are now available and they are very alarming and surprising.

As a result of our partnership with STAUFEN, recognized as one of the best consulting companies in Operational Excellence in the world, at the end of 2023 we propose jointly carrying out this study.

According to alarming findings from the recent “Digitalization 2024” study, six out of ten industrial companies in the German-speaking region admit that their data analysis only scratches the surface. Despite this, many of these companies base parts of their strategies on this data, even though they don’t fully understand its meaning and context. The study, conducted by management consultants Staufen and AppliediT (specialists in real-time analysis of industrial data), surveyed over 400 industrial companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The growing number of different formats and applications makes it challenging to maintain a coherent IT system infrastructure, resulting in an increasingly fragmented data landscape. According to study participants, the most common method of data storage is through an ERP system (77%), followed by databases like Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL (69%), and Excel spreadsheets (54%).

For a more comprehensive and detailed view of the findings from the “Digitalization 2024” study, I invite you to explore the full report on STAUFEN’s website.

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