This week I had the privilege of attending the Best Practice Day 2024 with my colleague Inmaculada Navarro, organized by the consulting firm STAUFEN. This event has established itself as a benchmark in operational excellence, bringing together industry leaders to share knowledge and explore innovations that are shaping the future.

Best Practice Day is known for its focus on continuous improvement and efficiency in industrial processes. This year, as in previous editions, the event has stood out for its impeccable organization and the quality of its presentations and workshops.

At AppliedIT we are proud to have been part of this event with our stand as a Partner in the STAUFEN ecosystem. We had the opportunity to present our innovative solutions in applied technology and digital transformation, such as our RTM Pro software for advanced real-time data analytics. The response and interest we received was overwhelming, reaffirming our belief that we are on the right path to helping companies achieve operational excellence.

Inmaculada Navarro, our data analytics expert, gave several presentations of RTM Pro, demonstrating its key features and how it can revolutionize production processes, improving company results.

The atmosphere of the event was extraordinary. The keynote speeches inspired the audience with visionary ideas and the energy in the room was palpable. During the work sessions, I had the opportunity to exchange ideas, establish valuable contacts and observe the formation of new alliances. It was especially enriching to see attendees learn and apply best practices from various industries.

I would like to thank STAUFEN for the impeccable organization of the Best Practice Day and all the participants for their valuable contributions. A special thank you to Wilhelm Goschy, CEO of STAUFEN, for inviting us one more year and to his team in charge of the event: Stephanie König, Messerle Margret and Janice Koeser. I also thank our sponsor FATH, whose support has been key to presenting our solutions in an interactive and effective way.

I am excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to continuing to work together to take the industry to new levels of excellence.

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