At AppliediT we are proud to announce our collaboration with IE University in its Data Science Bootcamp. Yesterday we were at the presentation of the program, where we announced the challenge for the students based on one of our most recent success stories.

We have to thank Bárbara Fajardo, Iván Martín Masseda and Filippo Giulio Frezza from IE University for making this collaboration possible. At AppliediT we have a firm commitment to talent and training, and we are pleased to be able to carry it out together with an institution as prestigious worldwide as IE University.

The objective of this collaboration is to offer Bootcamp students the opportunity to work on real projects. During the next four months, we will provide follow-up and support so that they can develop innovative solutions applicable to the needs of the current market.

We are sure that this experience will be very enriching for the students, and will allow them to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful professionals in the field of Data Science.

We look forward to seeing the solutions you will present at the finale of the program!

Visit the program website:

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