“The New Next Best Thing”

With the booming expansion of Industry 4.0, its is easy to lose focus on what is essential to what is superfluous.  New start-up companies are popping up like mushrooms after the seasonal rains promising spectacular possibilities but are consistently under-delivering in tangible results.  One of the reasons is these start-ups have very little back-ground in manufacturing environments and are trying to fit the Cinderella shoe,  which worked for internet data analysis, to shop-floor manufacturing environments without considering for example, that machines already have a huge amount sensors and structured variable data.

The question is do you have the correct data in the correct place at the correct time?  If you answer is NO, then the issues that need to be resolved are more related to infrastructure and data acquisition.  Acquisition and storage of data has gone done in price over the years, and a correct data architecture is essential success factor in the implementation.

If your answer is YES, then the problems which need to be addressed are what tools do you have to exploit the rich source of information?  In this case, we see that many companies cannot “capitalize” on this data because the tools they have for data analytics are rudimentary for todays need.  It is not uncommon to see the claim to be “best in class” which are average run-of-the mill tools using data export of tables and summary accounting data of production.  Of course, if you do not have this, then you can at least get to the average level which is an accomplishment for a lagging I4.0 scenario.  Yet this investment needs to result in process and efficiency improvements of manufacturing operations beyond an enhanced visibility of metrics.  If improved visibility only delivers a “real-time” metric of underperformance, then this situation is normalized and can be counterproductive.

How do we get to the next level? In order to achieve an operational excellence which can give your company a competitive advantage, you need to have an analytic platform (and partner) which goes beyond “standard” analytics and can truly deliver without falling into the “the New Next Best Thing“ overrated category.  Experience along with innovation gives AppliedIT a unique understanding of what works, what does not work, and what is exceptional.